6 Tips on How to Prioritize God in Your Life in 2022

6 Tips on How to Prioritize God in Your Life in 2022
How to prioritize God in you life, how to prioritize God

As we enter into the new year, now is the time to learn how to prioritize God in your life. Whether you felt close to God in 2021 or long to experience Him more, you can take practical steps to ensure your relationship with God doesn’t fall by the wayside. 

To make God a priority in your life, you have to make Him a priority in your life. You have to plan time with God into your busy schedule. You have to place spending time with Him above other priorities. Of course, you have many important things going on, whether taking care of your family, doing well in school, excelling at your career, or enjoying your social life. Nevertheless, your relationship with God is more important than all of those things. If you want to learn how to prioritize God in your life in 2022, you first need to acknowledge that He deserves top priority among everything else. 

The good news? All those other things in your life will benefit from spending more intentional time with God. When you are filled with His love, peace, hope, and joy, you will be more present with your family, focused in school, and dedicated to your work, knowing that God is working through you. You will have the confidence and courage to share about Jesus with your friends in your social circle. Prioritizing God in your life doesn’t just make your relationship with Him better. It makes every aspect of your life dedicated to Him, which makes everything better.

6 Tips on How to Prioritize God This Year

So, where do you start? How do you prioritize God among all the other things going on in your life in 2022? First, it takes recognizing His worthiness to be number one in your life. Then, it takes implementing practical steps that lead you and keep you close to Him. Here are six tips on how to prioritize God in your life this year.

1. Start a Prayer Journal 

Starting a prayer journal is a great way to document your prayer life and connect with God. Whether you jot down things you want to remember from scripture or requests submitted to God, putting them in writing is beneficial. It gets your thoughts, ideas, worries, and prayers out of your head, onto paper, and into God’s hands. You can also use the space to express gratitude for answered prayers and all that God is doing in your life.

2. Surround Yourself with a Christian Community 

One of the best ways for how to prioritize God in your life is to spend time with others who also prioritize God. Who you spend your life with matters. It’s important that the people you choose speak life and truth into your life because they seek first the One who is Life and Truth–God. 

How to prioritize God in you life, how to prioritize God

3. Find a Faith Accountability Partner 

Similar to surrounding yourself with a Christian community, finding an accountability partner can help you prioritize God in your life in 2022. Maybe it’s a friend that goes to church with you on Sunday mornings. Or it could be a small group that meets for a Bible study during the week. Regardless, prioritizing God with others keeps you accountable. There’s no doubt that 2022 will bring its own unique challenges and celebrations, things to do, and people to see. An accountability partner helps you keep your focus on God in the midst of all of that.

4. Download the YouVersion Bible App

Reading the Bible connects you with Jesus. The YouVersion Bible App makes it easy to read a new scripture every day. Plus, you can dive deeper into each daily scripture by following along with a short devotional and prayer to help you apply the verse in your life. Doing this takes less than five minutes a day. However, it will make a drastic difference in your walk with the Lord and how you live your life. 

5. Find a Church, Ministry, or Christian Organization to Support 

Supporting what God is doing in your city and around the world is another way for how to prioritize God in your life. You can use technology to your advantage and find someone or something to support for the Kingdom, whether through financial support or physical support by volunteering or getting involved. 

6. Share Your Faith with Others

God calls us to prioritize our relationship with Him and share our faith with others. Telling people about Jesus is a way to prioritize God in your own life in a way that impacts others. At All Things By Faith, our goal is to help you wear it to share it–wear your faith with Christian clothing as a way to share your faith with others and bring the hope, joy, and love of Jesus into your community.

How to Prioritize God with What You Wear

Choosing to wear Christian clothing is a reminder to you and a symbol to others that God is your number one. You can find faith t-shirts and sweatshirts for the whole family that tell about God’s love, highlight scripture or worship lyrics, and spread the good news of Jesus. Shop All Things By Faith today to find Christian clothing to wear in 2022 as a way to prioritize God in your life. 

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