How to Choose a Christian Clothing Brand

How to Choose a Christian Clothing Brand
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Are you one of the 86% of consumers who want to purchase from a purpose-driven company? More than ever, people are looking to not only get items they need but also support like-minded businesses at the same time. Because of this–as well as the increase in support of small businesses which started in 2020–many consumers no longer only care about the product they’re getting, but they also care about the heart behind the product. If that’s you… here’s how to choose a Christian clothing brand that aligns with your beliefs and that you can be excited and proud to support.

Read Their Mission Statement

A mission statement says a lot about a brand. In it, you will get a better understanding of what the brand is passionate about, their beliefs, and why they do what they do. This is a good place to start when determining how to choose a Christian clothing brand to purchase from. At All Things By Faith, our mission is simple: “to use sound theology and passion for the Gospel through our unique designs. We encourage you to share your faith whenever possible and hope our apparel sparks meaningful conversations with your neighbors, friends, and strangers!”

For us, our Christian clothing brand is about more than providing cute faith t-shirts and Christian clothes for the whole family. It is about spreading the love, hope, and joy of Jesus by bolding wearing and sharing your faith. As a veteran-owned and operated business, our goal is to create Christian clothing that inspires you to share the Gospel. It is another way to express your faith.

When researching brands to purchase from, be sure to read their mission statement. Do you like the purpose behind their business? Do you share similar beliefs and goals? Do you agree with their mission enough to support it by giving them your business? Knowing the answers to these questions is a great place to start. 

Browse Their Christian T-Shirt Designs

Reading a brand’s mission statement is a good place to start. However, people can write anything they want and make it sound good. The truth comes out in the products they provide. For example, if a brand claims to be “Christian” yet sells provocative or inappropriate clothing, you may want to look elsewhere. At All Things By Faith, we have over 130 different Christian t-shirt designs to choose from. Each design is created with intention. It either shares a direct scripture or message from the Bible, lyrics from Christian songs, or designs and truths that point to God’s love, such as our “Cross” collection, “Love” collection, and “Joy” collection. We also have Chrisitan jewelry, which is yet another way to wear and share your faith. 

There is nothing in our collection of faith-based apparel that doesn’t represent, honor, and point people closer to Jesus. All of the content we share on our social media pages and in our blog is designed to glorify God. It is what our mission is and what we do throughout every aspect of our brand.

So, once you read a brand’s mission statement, browse through their products to see if their words and actions align. This will help you when deciding how to choose a Christian clothing brand to purchase from.

Shop Their Collections

If you read and agree with a Christian clothing brand’s mission statement and have browsed their products and like what you see, it’s time to actually check out the selection of Chrisitan products they offer to see if there is anything you’re interested in purchasing. At All Things By Faith, we know everyone has different styles. That’s why we offer hundreds of product options for you and your family. Most all of our Christian t-shirts come in different sizes and colors so you can choose your favorite. Plus, with options for men, women, and children, the whole family can find faith apparel they love. 

Our large selection of diverse Chrisitan clothing also makes for great gifts. Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, Christmas present, birthday gift, or simply a way to show someone you’re thinking about them, you can find it. We add new designs all the time so there is always something new to shop for. 

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Support Your Favorite Christian Clothing Brand

Once you find a Christian clothing brand (or brands) you love, you can confidently support them by purchasing their products. At All Things By Faith, we are so grateful for our customers who share the same mission as us. And we love seeing you wear and share your faith with Chrisitan clothing. So, be sure to tag us on Instagram (@allthingsbyfaith), so we can see when you wear your favorite faith designs! And THANK YOU for believing in our mission and supporting us in sharing the Gospel through Christian clothing. We couldn’t do it without you! 

Shop All Things By Faith Today and Find Your Favorite Christian Clothing for the Whole Family

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