Celebrate Freedom Every Day with Christian T Shirt Designs

Celebrate Freedom Every Day with Christian T Shirt Designs
Celebrate Freedom, Christian T Shirt Designs

We hope you had a wonderful 4th of July celebration with friends and family! It is always fun to attend a backyard BBQ, eat good food, play some cornhole, and watch the beautiful fireworks to celebrate our nation’s freedom. Another thing we love to celebrate every day is the freedom we have in Christ. Because as the Bible says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36). Discover who this freedom applies to, what it really means, and how you can celebrate your freedom in Christ every day with Christian t shirt designs from All Things By Faith. 

Who Does “the Son” Set Free?

Let’s dive into the above scripture a little more to fully grasp what it means and who it applies to. The truth is, all humans (every single one of us) are slaves to sin before we know Jesus. But as soon as you accept Him into your heart and start living for Christ instead of for the world, you will be set free from the bonds of slavery. Does this mean you’ll never sin again? No. As humans, we are flawed and will make mistakes throughout our lives. However, it does mean that our past sins and future mistakes don’t define who we are. We get to receive forgiveness and live in joy, peace, and freedom. 

The Son–meaning Jesus–sets free anyone who confesses with their mouth that Jesus is Lord, believes it in their heart, and lets their belief dictate their thoughts, words, and actions. When you do that, you are no longer a slave to your sin or subject to the ways of the world. You are FREE.

What Does Freedom in Christ Really Mean?

Inherently, humans are sinful, which means we naturally do what is wrong. It is only with Christ, and because of Him, we can do what’s right. Rather than having the freedom to do whatever we want, freedom in Christ means the ability to choose to do what is right. This is a different type of freedom than what’s typically discussed in the word’s worldly sense. 

For example, in the world, you are “free” once you turn 18 and can move out of your parent’s house and do whatever you want, even if what you want isn’t necessarily good or beneficial. However, freedom in Christ is the ability to choose the right thing every time. And then to be able to receive forgiveness for the times we choose the wrong things. 

How to Celebrate Freedom Every Day

A day-to-day example of living in the freedom we have in Christ is choosing to follow the ways of the Bible instead of the ways of the world. This means practicing love, patience, and kindness. This means abstaining from greed, jealousy, and anger. While it’s not always easy to do this, choosing to experience true freedom is also an option. Here are three ways to help you experience and celebrate freedom in Christ every day. 

Celebrate freedom, Christian t shirt designs

1. Read Your Bible to Know What’s Right 

Being free in Christ means having the freedom to choose to do what is right. But how do you know what is right in the eyes of God? Read your Bible because that is what it is there for. Your Bible is God’s heart for His people, and it’s filled with valuable lessons, instructions, and encouragement as to how to live in a way that benefits others and glorifies God. 

2. Practice Doing Good to All People 

One of the main ways to express your freedom in Christ is in relationship with other people, in real life and on social media. For some reason, it seems as though people are still respectful when face to face with someone, but as soon as they can hide behind technology, the harsh words and hurtful exchanges start. When practicing your freedom found in Christ, it’s essential to practice it in all situations and with all people, regardless if you like them or agree with them. 

Celebrate freedom, Christian t shirt designs

3. Wear Christian T Shirt Designs to Express Your Freedom Found in Christ 

Expressing your faith in Jesus by wearing Christian t shirt designs is one of the best ways to celebrate freedom every day! When you wear Christian t shirts with Christian sayings, worship music lyrics, and scripture straight from the Bible, you are glorifying God and sharing the good news with others. Also, wearing Christian t shirt designs helps you remember that you are no longer a slave to sin and can live in the joy, goodness, and hope found in Jesus daily. 

At All Things By Faith, we have so many Christian t shirt designs available that it would take up too much space to show you all of them in this blog. So head to THIS PAGE right now and find your favorite faith attire to express and celebrate freedom every day. 

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