American Pride Clothing: Wear What You Believe

American Pride Clothing: Wear What You Believe
American Pride Clothing

The time is now to take a stand for what you believe. At All Things By Faith, we’ve always made it easy for you to boldly share your faith through Christian clothing. But now, as our nation faces some of its hardest times in recent history, we want you to be able to confidently proclaim your faith in God with American pride clothing. That’s why we designed our new blue and red tie-dye Christian t-shirts, which are perfect for men and women. With our signature Christian designs on them, you can show your American pride and share your faith at the same time. Let’s take a look at our American pride clothing and why each design was chosen for you!

American Pride T-Shirt: John 3:16 True Story 

If you don’t know it by heart already, John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” We decided on this design for our American pride clothing line because it is the foundation of the Christian faith. Jesus died for everyone–even the people you don’t agree with or who hold different political, cultural, or religious beliefs than you. This is an important reminder for us, especially in these times. It is also one of the best ways to share your faith with others, as it is the foundation of the gospel. 

American Pride T-Shirt: In God We Trust 

From the coronavirus that started in early 2020 to the Presidential election later in the year to protests and misinformation and fear and a “new normal,” who and what can we trust? The only answer is God. Even when everything seems to be falling apart in our nation, we can trust that God knows what He is doing and He has good things planned for those who love him. This design was chosen for our American pride clothing line to increase your faith and remind you and others that God is trustworthy, even when things are hard, sad, or scary. 

American Pride T-Shirt: Kneel Before God

Do you remember back in 2016 when NFL players began kneeling during the National Anthem? This sparked a years-long debate on whether or not it is ok to kneel during the National Anthem. For those with strong American pride, kneeling during the National Anthem was perceived as a sign of disrespect against the flag and members of the military. For Christians, there is a strong belief that the only thing we kneel before and show that level of reverence and honor to is God. Because of this, we created the Kneel Before God design for our American pride clothing so that those with strong beliefs can show their support of the flag and honor to God. 

American Pride T-Shirt: Calvary Cross and Forgiven Cross

The cross Christian t-shirt designs are one of our most popular, which is why we decided to feature them both on American pride clothing. This way you can show and share your faith while also supporting America. You can also find popular cross designs in our Christian jewelry collection to complete your outfit! 

American Pride T-Shirt: One Nation Under God

This American pride design features words from our National Anthem. The United States of America was founded on Christian principles, and our nation must remain “under God.” And even when other people choose to go their own way and follow the ways of the world, we can still choose to live under the good hand of God and pray for our nation to find its way back to Him. 

American Pride T-Shirt: Iron Sharpens Iron 

Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” We chose this design for our American pride clothing line because we know how important it is right now to surround yourself with like-minded people who can help you grow and strengthen your faith. When times are hard, it is easy to doubt God and wonder if He really is trustworthy. However, with strong Christian people by your side, you increase your confidence that God cares about America and all of His people. Because this Christian t-shirt design speaks to the importance of strong friendships, it also makes a great gift!

Wear It to Share Your American Pride and Faith in God 

If you want a way to express your faith and share your love for your country, then you found it with our new American pride clothing line. As a veteran-owned company, we understand the sacrifice of military members and families who give up their lives for the safety and security of our country. Wearing these Christian t-shirts not only gives glory to God but they are a sign of appreciation for those who fight for our freedom daily. 

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