Navigating the “New Normal” with Christian Apparel that Speaks Truth

Navigating the “New Normal” with Christian Apparel that Speaks Truth

A lot is going on in the world today, especially in North America. Not only are we still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on our economy, education system, and everyday lives, but there are also significant conversations happening in families and communities across the nation. (Christian apparel can help!)

The topics of equality, politics, and what is right and best for our nation are prevalent in most homes, businesses, and organizations. 

We are all trying to figure out what the “new normal” is and how to navigate it now and post-pandemic, as there are sure to be lasting effects. It is no surprise that small businesses have struggled through this time--and will likely continue to do so for many months, possibly even years to come. At All Things By Faith, we are holding strongly to our faith as we navigate this “new normal” for ourselves. 

Faith and truth are two things that will not change, regardless of the difficulties that come. That is why we are dedicated to producing Christian t-shirts and faith apparel for men, women, and kids that inspires people to share the truth of the Gospel and express their faith boldly. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple Christian t-shirt. Faith apparel can have an impact on the people around you. Here’s how:

Your Christian T-Shirt Can Be a Sign of Truth for People Searching 

With so many different opinions being shared between family members, in the news, and on social media feeds, the truth can be hard to come by. Make it easy for those around you to seek and find truth by wearing it on your sleeve (quite literally). 

You can find the “True Story” message in a variety of styles and colors for men, women, and children on All Things By Faith. Shop John 3:16 True Story Women’s Relaxed Fit Crewneck T-Shirt today.

Your Christian T-Shirt Can Bring Hope to Someone Feeling Hopeless 

God works in mysterious ways. He can use whatever he wants to speak to people, including a shirt you are wearing! 

Everyone around you is fighting some type of battle, whether it is with their finances, a relationship, the health of a loved one, or a hard situation at school or work. While sometimes it feels like there is nothing we can do to help someone who is struggling, imagine they walk by you and see this…

Christian apparel

What an encouraging sign of hope! A fun t-shirt can go a long way in helping someone through their personal battles. Shop The Lord Will Fight For You Unisex T-Shirt Jersey today.

Your Christian T-Shirt Can be a Conversation Starter

Wearing a Christian t-shirt with a bible verse or positive and encouraging message on it is a way to spread the love and good news of Jesus with others. Your faith apparel may be just the conversation starter you or someone else needs to lead a new believer to Jesus and change their life forever. 

Christian apparel

The God Is Greater Than My Highs and Lows Unisex T-Shirt Jersey is one of the best ones for the job. It sports a unique graphic, and many people will wonder what it means. When they ask, you have the opportunity to share with others about your trust in God.

Or, maybe you run into someone who loves your shirt and wants one for themself. You can tell them to head over to All Things By Faith to shop this Christian t-shirt and many more today. 

Your Christian T-Shirt Can be a Reminder that God is in Control

These are definitely some crazy times we are living in, and it is easy to feel worried or overwhelmed by things out of your control. Fortunately, God is always in control, and He is always good. 

Christian apparel

Wear the God Is Good All The Time Unisex T-Shirt Jersey as a reminder to you and others. We can adjust to this “new normal” with faith and hope, trusting that God knows what He is doing, and what He does is good. 

All Things By Faith Brings Hope to the “New Normal”

Join us in navigating the “new normal” with hope, faith, and peace as we trust God to provide and keep our nation safe. 

We are passionate about equipping you with Christian t-shirts, hats, hoodies, rings, and even Christian face masks that make an impact, especially now. Christian apparel can make a difference!

Step out into your “new normal” today by shopping our newest arrivals at All Things By Faith.

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