Burning the Time: Living out the Faith in Quarantine

Burning the Time: Living out the Faith in Quarantine
Burning the Time: Living out the Faith in Quarantine

Philemon 1:6 “and I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.”

As I write, I begin my fourth week of quarantine.  I have been able to keep myself relatively occupied for the most part; I mean, scrolling through thousands of Youtube thumbnails is about as productive as it gets, and binge watching my favorite channels burns time like you would not believe.  

My spring break has arrived, so for the first time in a while I have an entire week of nothing before me—no church, no youth group, no school.  To keep myself sane, I have concocted a diverse pattern of activities to spend my days. For instance, this morning I experimented with Japanese souffle pancakes, which are surprisingly delicious and fluffy even if one accidentally burns the tops because she took too long to make and adjust her homemade aluminum foil pastry rings...  I recommend. I will be experimenting with some hot beverages later on. I will start a fictional novel. I will be reading Jane Eyre. I have developed a workout routine that occupies me for at least an hour, and I have once more taken up old video games.  

And on top of all that, because I am a nerd, over my spring break I will be memorizing St. Crispin’s Speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V.  I fell in love with this speech years ago and I cannot wait to begin.  

As we struggle to stay productive during quarantine, we all have to make time for Jesus.  Especially now, while so much opportunity is afforded us, it is good to spend time with our Creator and remember Who He is and the goodness and greatness of His majesty.   Right now I am in the middle of reading the Psalms, and the author constantly reminds me to trust in God. Considering COVID-19, it is pretty good timing.  

If you need something to do, I strongly suggest—even more strongly than making Japanese souffle pancakes—that you spend time with God this week.  I cannot help but continue to be amazed when I read God’s continual reminders that He’s with me, He loves me, He cares for me. I have begun to add in my prayers a request asking God to help me to glorify Him with my time each day.  Because in the end, these twenty-four hours are essentially wasted if I did not glorify God in them.

As the verse from Philemon says, sharing our faith should remind us of all the blessings we have in Christ.  As we make time for God and live out our faith in quarantine, we should remember the wonderful goodness we receive through Jesus.

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